Swami GT

Using a combination of GPS and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies, the SWAMI GT will not only find you instant, accurate distance to the green, but will also keep track of your round data, including score, distance by club, GIR, putts, and average driving distance – without having to manually input anything.

Swami Sport GPS

The Swami Sport GPS delivers fast and accurate performance in a compact design. The Swami Sport’s slim profile makes it easy to fit in your pocket, or hand, or your bag with the included carabineer. Simple to operate with a bright and easy-to-read display.

New and Improved –
Swami 4000+ GPS

The Swami 4000+ GPS is our most popular GPS, now even better than ever! It now provides distances to the front and back of hazards and doglegs!

Swami 4000 GPS

The Swami 4000's accuracy, speed, and simple operation can help you play more strategically and manage shot distances more efficiently.